End to End Solution - Sealife Centre Brighton

"As you are no doubt aware, salt water to an aquarium is a fairly essential asset and the life support to 1000’s of creatures. I am sure you can also imagine the challenges this has presented over the years when our previous 2 pumps failed or had operating issues. The single thing that disappointed me the most in the past 15 years of managing the aquarium is the lack of responsibility and knowledge our previous service providers had, and salesmen only interested in selling a product rather than guarantees and service care.

We went out to tender to 10 different pump specialists 5 of whom withdrew following the initial site visit and did not want to quote. Whilst Front Line Pumps was not the cheapest offer on the table you were the company that invested the time in design and explanation, and provided us with the confidence that your after sales service and onward support would meet the needs of business.

Having worked with you for 4 months through manufacture, install and commissioning I would like to commend you for living up to our expectations. Despite the installation being more complex and less straight forward than either of us would have liked (through no fault of your own) you stuck with the task in hand without complaint and delivered the most efficient water intake line we have ever operated. For the first time we have a pump that works more efficiently than previous models, delivers more water and therefore as well as the power saving we are running it for fewer hours each day.

I look forward to our continuing relationship and am confident that we can work with you on approaching projects in the future".

General Manager, Brighton SEA LIFE Centre